Warehouse Activity Report




In the first few weeks of an emergency response, the emergency team will need to have up to date information about what has arrived in the warehouse, what has been sent out, and how much they have left.

How to Use       

All information in the warehouse reports should come out of the warehouse ledger and stack cards.  All warehouse movements during that time period, including losses, should be recorded on the warehouse activity report.  All movements in and out of the warehouse should be authorized by the main office. 

Make decisions on reporting frequency based on how much activity there is in the warehouse.  If you are only accepting deliveries and sending items once each week, you may not need to send daily reports.

How to Distribute Copies

Send paper or electronic reports to stock owners and warehouse managers.  

But do not rely only on sending paper or electronic reports.  You must actively follow up your reports to make sure people are reading those reports, understand them, and that the information is helpful to them. 

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