Stack Cards or Bin Cards


Single sheet of thick paper (because it will be handled a lot by many different people, so it should be strong).  They should be numbered.  No carbon copies needed.


This card is located with the group of items.  It has the details of those items (DSPN, expiration date, etc) on the top.  Warehouse staff will write on it every time they take items out of or put items into the group.  

How to Use       

Each time an item is taken from or added to the group, the person who has done the action will write down the details of the transaction on the card and sign it.  Also, when staff take an inventory count, they will compare their counts to these cards, and verify the count by initialing the cards.

How to Distribute Copies

There are no carbon copies of this form.  However, when a card is complete (in other words, when there is no more space to enter data), you should get a new card, write the beginning balance on the new card, and file the old card in the warehouse files.

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