Reconditioning Request & Report


Report and two copies


This document will be the basis for filing a claim  for losses sustained. 

Please note that, in an emergency, a solid GRN could fulfill reconditioning documentation needs.

How to Use       

Reconditioning documentation needs during warehouse receipt will be noted on the GRN.

When damaged goods are discovered in the warehouse, the main office should be informed immediately to authorize the reconditioning of the commodities.  A reconditioning report should be drawn up, indicating the quantity and quality of the goods before the damage occurred, the losses sustained, and the quality and quantity of the goods recovered.  This report is the basis of the loss recorded in the stack cards and the warehouse ledger.

The report should be prepared and signed by warehouse personnel, verified and signed by logistics/accounting and then approved by the main office.

How to Distribute Copies

After signatures, the Logistics Officer will give out the copies like this

Copy 1:                Warehouse office files, in warehouse

Copy 2:                Warehouse office files, in main office

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