Loss Report


Report and two copies


A loss is an incident in which commodities are discovered to be missing or damaged. An incident is a loss that is either: 1) Discovered at a particular time and location, such as during a warehouse inventory, or 2) Occurred within a contract with a third party, such as a transport contract.

In either case, a loss and claims report must be prepared to justify reordering, pursue claims and/or dispose of damaged commodities.

How to Use

The primary document for the files in the case of a transport loss is the Goods Received Note, filled out during unloading and reconditioning.  When the loss occurs within the warehouse, the primary document for the files is the reconditioning report.  The Loss and Claim Report should be filled out by the Commodity Management Office once reconditioning has concluded.

The form should be signed and dated.  Attach copies of all relevant documentation (Delivery Notes, Goods Received Notes…) and submit to the Logistics Officer for review, approval and submission to the proper authorities.

How to Distribute Copies

After signatures, the Logistics Officer will give out the copies as follows:

Copy 1:                Warehouse office files, in warehouse

Copy 2:                Warehouse office files, in main office

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