Goods Received Note

Format Pre-numbered, carbonated in 3 copies
Purpose Officially documents for CRS what we have received and allows us to pay a vendor for a purchase.
How to Use        The Warehouse Officer writes down the quality and quantity of the items in a delivery on the GRN and signs the document.

Some countries use their GRN to document reconditioning when receiving, and the template includes another segment on the bottom for this purpose.  The difference between the GRN and the Reconditioning Report (RR) is that the GRN only covers reconditioning with receipt, while the RR can be used for any reconditioning across the warehouse spectrum: from receipt, during storage, and to dispatch. For emergency purposes, a solid GRN should work.

How to Distribute Copies After signature, the Logs Officer will give out the copies like this

Original:               Delivery Person

Copy 1:                Warehouse office files, in warehouse

Copy 2:                Warehouse office files, in office

Goods Received Note

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