ICT4E Training – Day 1

The objectives of this one-day session are that meeting participants:

  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of electronic data collection in emergency response and recovery.
  • Feel comfortable handling iDevices and iForm client
  • Feel comfortable with administrative functions of iFormBuilder
  • Can build simple forms in iFormBuilder software

Facilitation Guide

Facilitation Guide ICT4E training – Day 1


1.4.1_Key Questions_ICT4E Implementation


1.4.3_Group Work_ICT4E Implementation

1.5.1 Simple iForm Exercise


1.1 Introduction to ICT4E, example uses in emergency response, and when to use it

1.2 Device orientation (NOTE: The market for mobile devices is constantly changing.  This presentation is not meant to give the look and feel of every device but instead should be used as a guide by the presenter to make sure that they include all pertinent information in their orientation.  Participants should have a device on hand during this presentation, as it is meant to be a hands-on session, not a ppt.)

1.3 Introduction to iForm client

1.4 iFormBuilder Account Maintenance

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