Criteria for R & R and Hardship Pay

Use the following criteria to determine whether to recommend instituting R & R and Hardship Pay for internal TDYs.

R & R Criteria

HQ Special R & R policy for internationals states that the purpose of Special R & R is to give employees “a brief respite in order to maintain peak performance and remain mentally alert.”

Hardship Pay Criteria

There is no HQ policy on Hardship Pay but you should take the following into consideration when deciding about granting it:

      1. The security situation
      2. Length of work days and work week
      3. Quality of accommodation & access to everyday comforts
      4. What the CP or region has offered previously, in similar situations
      5. What other, similar organizations are offering
      6. Infrastructure (roads, medical facilities)

If you feel the situation in which staff are working means we should provide either of these benefits, first determine the details of the benefit, and then make a written recommendation (including the details) to the CR or Regional Office. You’ll then get the written approval of the CR and/or RD before implementing.