Benefits for National Staff on TDY

Internal TDYs are national staff who come from other locations inside the country to assist with the emergency response temporarily. For example, during the 2010 floods in Pakistan, Pakistani staff from the Islamabad office went to the southern city of Sukkur for several weeks at a time to help set up an office there.

For these staff who will be leaving their homes and working long hours, you can consider instituting two benefits:

    1. Special Rest and Relaxation Leave (“R & R” for short), and/or
    2. Hardship Pay

The process of instituting these involves three main steps.  Click on each step below for more details.

    1. Use these criteria to decide whether to recommend instituting the benefits
    2. Decide the details of any benefits you will recommend, and then
    3. Implement the benefits.

For international staff benefits, click this link: International Staff Benefits.