Salary & Benefits for National Staff

The following issues often arise during an emergency response:


    1. There are suddenly a lot of other organizations out there hiring (and possibly making offers to our staff). How do we handle pressure to adjust our salary scale upwards in such an environment?
    2. Some of our staff suddenly have more responsibility. How do we handle requests from them for additional pay in return?


    1. Can we do something for our staff who themselves were affected by the earthquake/tsunami/election violence? If so, what and how?
    2. What should we do for staff who have come from another office within the same country program on TDY to assist with this response?

When considering these issues, always start by talking to the CP’s HR staff and consulting their salary scale and personnel manual.

Your role as an Emergency First Responder is to consider the situation and make a recommendation on these policies to the CR or Regional Office. If there is a CP HR department, you’ll make the recommendations through or along with that department.

You’ll then get the written approval of the CR, RD, EVP HR, and/or EVP Overops before implementing any programs.