Job Announcement Dos and Don’ts


  1. Create a special email address for all electronic applications (for example:
  2. Instruct applicants to use the position reference number on the application envelope or in the email subject line.
  3. Include:
    1. A brief summary of CRS as an organization and what we are doing in this emergency.
    2. A brief summary of the job (take this from the job description).
    3. A list of the minimum qualifications necessary to be considered as a candidate.
    4. A list of the qualifications preferred in candidates –those qualifications that are not necessary, but would make a candidate stand out.
    5. Instructions on exactly how to apply.
    6. The date after which you will not accept any more CVs or resumes.


  1. List any individual’s name or email address on the announcement
  2. List any phone number in the announcement