Where to Advertise Position Openings

You should first think about the job announcement, and these other considerations.

Then make sure to think about security before positing positions publicly.

When you have those things figured out, you’ll be ready to decide where to advertise. ┬áHere are some places that have worked in the past:

  1. Ask CRS staff native to the immediate area where job announcements such as ours are usually posted. When they answer, consider their answers against the other considerations. Do their suggestions cover all your requirements?
  2. Local NGO Coordinating Bodies. These local coordinating organizations sometimes provide job advertising service for their member organizations. They might have a bulletin board outside their office, postings on their website, or a list serve to which job seekers subscribe.
  3. Outside the CRS office on a bulletin board. But take security into consideration before bringing this kind of attention to your office.
  4. Outside other NGO or UN offices on a bulletin board. You would have to reach a mutually acceptable agreement with the other organization in order to undertake this, but we’ve done it in the past.
  5. Local university bulletin boards.
  6. Newspaper advertisements. But first check to make sure people in the area actually use the paper for this purpose.
  7. Internet postings.
  8. Local radio announcements.