All HR Attachments

Gathering Information

Pre-deployment HR Questions

Define Staffing Needs

  1. Staff Planning Tool
  2. Tools for Making an Organization Chart
  3. Organization Chart Example, Visio
  4. Organization Chart Example, Power Point
  5. Position Coverage Tracking Table
  6. Contract Expiration Tracking Table (Sat/Sun Weekend)

Fill Staffing Needs

Temporary Staff

Sources of Temporary Staff

Scope of Work

      1. Scope of Work Template
      2. Tips for Writing a Scope of Work
      3. SOW Example, National Staff TDY
      4. SOW Examples, International TDY
        1. General Example
        2. Program Quality Support Example
        3. Operational Support Example
      5. SOW Example, International Consultant

National Consultants

Consultant Contract, National, Template

International Consultants

      1. Consultants vs. Employees, Guidelines
      2. Hiring Consultants, FAQs
      3. Procedure for Hiring Consultants
      4. Consultant Requisition
      5. Consultant Scope of Work Example
      6. Consulting Agreement, Standard
      7. Consulting Agreement, Photographer

Hiring Regular Staff

National Staff Hiring, Forms

      1. Job Description Template
      2. Job Description Examples
      3. Personnel Requisition Form
      4. Job Announcement Template
      5. CV Receipt Log
      6. Interview Template
      7. Candidate Evaluation Sheet
      8. Reference Check Form
      9. Recruiting Checklist & Process Certification Form
      10. Offer Letter Template
      11. Contract Template
      12. Temporary Service Agreement Template
      13. Recruiting Progress Tracking Table

National Staff Hiring, Examples and Advice

      1. Position Criteria Examples
      2. Job Announcement Example
      3. Candidate Test Example: Accountant
      4. Candidate Test Example: Finance Officer
      5. Candidate Test Example: Operation & Transport Coordinator
      6. Candidate Test Example: PO Shelter
      7. Candidate Test Example: SPO- Shelter NFI
      8. Interview Question Examples
      9. Interview Form Example
      10. Interview Dos and Don’ts
      11. Interview Cautions
      12. Reference Check Tips
      13. Offer Letter Example

International Staff Hiring

      1. High-level Process Overview
      2. Process Map
      3. Job Description Format & Guidance
      4. Position Number Request Form
      5. Create a New Requisition

Tracking Tools

  1. Position Coverage Table, Templates and Examples
  2. Staff Location Tracking, Templates and Examples
  3. Tips for Implementing your Location Tracking Tool
  4. Contract Expiration Tracking Table (Sat/Sun Weekend)
  5. Recruiting Progress Tracking Table

Filing Records

  1. Recruiting File Checklist
  2. Personnel File Checklist

Orientation Materials

  1. CRS History & Mission Statement
  2. CRS Guiding Principles
  3. CRS Code of Conduct (English)CRS Code de Conduite (French)CRS Código de Conducta (Spanish) / مدونة السلوك والأخلاق (Arabic)
  4. Country Program Information Summary Template
  5. Country Program Information Summary, Example

Preparing for New Staff (On-Boarding)

New Employee Preparation Checklist

Managing Staff Well-being (Staff Care)

  1. Office & Guest House Standards
  2. Three types of Stress Associated with Humanitarian Work
  3. Symptoms of Stress & Trauma
  4. Effective Self-Care
  5. Staff Care Card

Human Resources Administration (from the Office Set-up Section)

  1. Timesheet Template
  2. Driver, Guard Scheduling Template
  3. Overtime Approval Form
  4. How to Prepare Payroll
  5. Payroll Calculation Template
  6. How to Pay Salaries in Cash