Feedback, Complaints & Response Mechanisms

Communities and people must be able to provide feedback and make complaints in a safe, dignified and confidential manner, and receive an appropriate response when they do so. 

Key Actions Include:

  • Diverse groups are consulted on appropriate and context-specific channels for feedback and complaints, particularly those of a sensitive nature, including allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse, fraud and corruption.
  • Diverse groups have access to, and are fully aware of how to use, complaints and feedback mechanisms, and understand how the complaint/feedback will be managed as well as when to expect a response.
  • Staff act on feedback and complaints in a timely, fair and appropriate manner that prioritizes the safety of the complainant and those affected at all stages.
  • Staff understand the management system in place to support sensitive complaints handling, including the procedure to ensure access to necessary support for complainants particularly survivors of sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA).
  • Staff refer complaints that do not fall within the scope of the organization to a relevant party.

Coming Soon – FCRM Guidance and Tools