The Price Monitoring, Analysis and Response Kit (MARKit) was developed to guide practitioners through the steps to monitor markets during the implementation of food assistance programs.  It includes guidance…

  • on price monitoring and analysis,
  • to ensure we’re “Doing No Harm” to local markets, and
  • to enable staff to make any necessary programmatic changes in response to changing market conditions.

It is intended for use in both emergency and development contexts.

MARKit consists of four components:

MARKit ManualThe manual guides staff through six steps of price data collection and analysis.

Worksheets – MARKit includes 10 worksheets to accompany the manual and provide additional practice on specific concepts.

Worksheet 1 – Market monitoring matrix (Worksheet 1 – Français)

Worksheet 2 – Market Integration (Worksheet 2 – Français)

Worksheet 3 – Assessing Intervention Effects on Prices (Worksheet 3 – Français)

Worksheet 4 – Key informant interview questions (Worksheet 4 – Français)

Worksheet 5 – Seasonal Index (Worksheet 5 – Français)

Worksheet 6 – Marketshed map (Worksheet 6 – Français)

Worksheet 7 – Compare local and global prices (Worksheet 7 – Français)

Worksheet 8 – Inflation (Worksheet 8 – Français)

Worksheet 9 – Exchange rates (Worksheet 9 – Français)

Worksheet 10 – Fuel prices (Worksheet 10 – Français)

Workbook with sample (Database – Français) – An excel-based price analysis database can be used for your price monitoring.  This workbook provides a sample database, to use and modify for your program as appropriate.

Sample MARKit report (Report – Français) – To see what a final price analysis report might look like, see this sample MARKit report for guidance.