Market Based Rapid Response and Recovery (MBRRR)

Market Based Rapid Response and Recovery (MBRRR) Market-based programming is a key part of CRS’ humanitarian preparedness and response programs. Here you will find practical guidance for program and operations staff on how to assess, design, implement, and monitor cash-based programs.

There are 3 main modalities in cash-based programs in this guidance: direct cash transfers, cash vouchers and commodity vouchers, which are further detailed in the Overview of Cash-Based Modalities Guidance.

How This Guide Should Be Used

This electronic guide is intended for field practitioners in preparedness or emergency settings who seek practical resources for planning or implementing cash-based programs. It is divided up by stages of the program cycle, from project design, through implementation, and then monitoring. The guide is designed for online or offline access through CRS’ EFOM. Where possible, the guide draws from both CRS resources as well as the good work of other actors in cash-based programming.


I.    CAT Portal (Cash & Asset Transfer):

The Cash and Asset Transfer (CAT) Platform is CRS’ Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) software for managing beneficiary data and multiple asset transfer modalities. CAT offers an online platform with a cloud-based database and Android applications that can be used for both data collection and the implementation of cash or voucher disbursements and electronic voucher (e-voucher) transactions. Built on RedRose’s One Platform operating system, CAT has been customized for CRS so that its interface and backend processes reflect CRS policies on data protection and financial management. 

II.   MBRRR Project Design

The initial phase of a response – from Day 1 to the end of Month 1

Includes both the Needs and Market Assessments; a Risk Assessment;  Response Analysis and Program Design; and Proposal Writing.

III.  MBRRR Project Implementation

 Project Lifecycle

Includes Staffing, Selecting Vendors for Voucher Programs, Selecting Service Providers for Cash Delivery, Managing Cash Distributions, Delivering and Managing Payments, Data Management and Coordination.

IV. MBRRR Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, Learning (MEAL)

Includes PDM Survey, PDM FGD/KII, Exit Surveys and Beneficiary Feedback Guidance.

V.  MBRRR Protection Mainstreaming

Includes the MBRRR PMWG Cash-based Programming Checklist for PMs, PO/Partner Staff, MEAL Officers, HoPs, HoOPs. Please click on this Protection Mainstreaming link to access the Protection Mainstreaming webpage and scroll to the Sector/Activity Specific Tools section.

VI. MBRRR Preparedness

 Includes the Holistic Assessment for Readiness in Cash tool

VII. MBRRR Key Documents & Other Materials

Includes the Operations Guidance for Cash Based Programming and MarKit