Sources of Vehicles

You have, essentially, three potential sources of vehicles.  As a response transpires you’ll generally move down this list, using #1 in the short term, #2 in the medium term, and #3, purchases, in the long term.

  1. Vehicles the CP can reassign from other offices
  2. Vehicles you can lease in the location
  3. Vehicles you will buy
    1. Purchase abroad and import them
    2. Purchase in-country, new vehicles
    3. Purchase in-country, used vehicles

Each source of vehicles has advantages and disadvantages.

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. If you will purchase vehicles, submit a Purchase Requisition as soon as possible.  Often, because of import issues and other technicalities, new vehicles take months to arrive and get registered. The most commonly procured Toyota models can be found at:
    1. Consider accessories such as a winch and bull bar when purchasing new vehicles.
    2. All vehicles, whatever their source, should have a tool kit on hand.
  2. When you are arranging vehicles, think about “visibility.”  Should the vehicles be identifiable as CRS vehicles or not?  If you want old-looking vehicles for security’s sake, think about buying used vehicles.  But then make sure you get USAID approval for the purchase of used equipment, if you’re using their money.
  3. Renting
    1. Is generally quicker and more flexible than purchasing.
    2. Is usually more expensive (than purchases) in the long run.  You may find that only a few months of leasing will ultimately cost more than the purchase price of a vehicle plus taxes.
    3. There may be some donor sensitivities about renting.
    4. Drivers will likely come with the vehicle, saving you time up front in hiring drivers, but also giving you less control over driver selection, training, and behavior.
    5. Owners may want to keep the vehicle home at night or on weekends, even if they agree at the beginning that they won’t do so (see the lease template). This will mean tensions with the owner (if you don’t give in) or issues around security, maintenance, and mileage/kilometer logging issues (if you do).
  4. Donor Regulation Factors
    1. The US Government must pre-approve any vehicle purchase you plan to make with money that comes from them.
    2. The US Government has restrictions on buying used equipment (e.g. vehicles) with their money.
    3. The US Government has regulations about what brands of vehicle you can purchase with their money.