Community and Household Vulnerability Profiling Assessment Tool


The guidance for the Community and Household Vulnerability Profiling Assessment Tool


This tool helps the team in identifying, profiling, quantifying and ranking the different types of vulnerable households in the village as well as identify the vulnerability characteristics of the different types of disaster and climate change related vulnerable households in a community, especially the most vulnerable households.


How to Conduct the Discussion:

  • In the targeted village, call for separate meetings with men and women. Please ensure the group has mixed representation of the different communities and different types of households.
  • Before starting the meeting check for who all are sitting in the discussion and then ask if any community representation is missing out.
  • Use circles on the floor and stones  (Biggest one is  for most vulnerable households, medium one is for medium vulnerable households  and  the smallest one is for least vulnerable HHs)  and then discuss with the community to identify the different communities in the village
  • Once each category of the households is identified, then facilitate the following discussions against each category.

Time:  2 – 2.5 hours

Who Will Lead the Discussions:

Men and women of all categories.  The group of women and men could be between 8 to 10 members. More than 12 members will not ensure full participation of each member and also makes it challenging for the note taker and facilitator to manage a  high quality discussion. If needed, there could be 2 such discussions be conducted in the same village.   So, please stick to the number of participants.

From the assessment team, there will be 2 persons – one as facilitator and another as note taker.

Preparation  (A MUST for all staff including program team):

  • Facilitation guide (Print the copy of this guide, read and practice before going to the field, do a role-play if needed)
  • Flipchart (if needed as spare)
  • Markers
  • Sketch pen
  • Masking tape
  • Stones or beans (3 colors – 20 each or 30 stones only)

KII Questions are included in the Tool