DRR Project Design

1. Key Informant Interview (KII) Assessment Tool: Community Leaders and Government Officials

The KII will gather local Government and community leaders’ perspective on: Disaster key drivers, climate change trends, and their DRR/CCA plans and capacity to implement them. Along with the main impacts of these disasters on water resources, sanitation access and health risk.

2. Key Informant Interview (KII) Assessment Tool: Community Members Engaged in Agricultural and Fishing Activities

The KII will gather individual-level data on the effect of disasters and climate change on farmers and fishermen. Interviews should be conducted one-on-one.

3. Community and Household Vulnerability Profiling Assessment Tool

This tool aims to identify, provide a profile of and rank different types of vulnerable households in the village. Along with identifying the vulnerability characteristics of the different types of disaster and climate change related vulnerable households in a community, especially the most vulnerable households.

4. Community Perceptions of Risk Assessment Tool

This tool is an FGD designed to help the project design team and the communities to: Identify and discuss hazards that put the community at risk; How these hazards/risks affect the communities; How these hazards/risks affect their community assets; To identify a range of existing coping strategies at community and household level; To identify the range of existing and possible solutions based on their own knowledge and resources to address some of these challenges.

5. Environmental Stewardship Tool

The Environmental Stewardship Tool (EST) provides a methodology for program design teams to analyze and assess the potential negative environmental impact program activities may have on the natural environment. In addition to the analysis, the tool provides sector specific guidance related to DRR, Livelihoods, Shelter and WASH regarding environmentally conscious actions which could mitigate the impact of these activities.

6. Writing Proposals

Proposal samples can be found on Gateway and any member of the HRD DRR Team. Amy Hilleboe or Matt Sarsyki can facilitate identifying strong examples for your specific context.