Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)

Preparing in advance for a crisis can save a family a lifetime of assets, keep communities afloat, prevent lasting damage, and protect lives by simply knowing what to do when, and before, disaster strikes. To strengthen the resilience of families and communities to crisis, CRS invests in Disaster Risk Reduction activities that focus on preparedness in disaster-prone communities—those hit cyclically by floods, droughts, typhoons, and other crises—as well as strengthened means for resilience, especially in areas facing the growing effects of climate change.

Pillars of CRS DRR Programming

  • Community-Based: Empower families, communities and local actors to better understand the hazards they face, bolster existing capacities, and strengthen their skills, systems and structures for reducing risk.
  • Systematic Linkages: Strengthen governance that manages disaster risk, and establish and advocate for linkages between communities and government to increase access to resources and services.
  • Increased Resilience: Strengthen communities’ strategies for reducing risks, increase their adaptive capacities to shocks, and build back better in post-disaster efforts.
  • Innovation and Learning: Use technologies and innovations to help Disaster Risk Reduction efforts be more effective.


I. Project Design

Includes KII Assessment Tools, Community and Household Vulnerability Profiling Assessment Tools, Community Perception Risk Assessment Tools and Sample Extracts from proposals.

II. Project Implementation

Includes Transect Walk Guidance, Historical Disaster Profile, Social and Resource Mapping, Institutional Mapping, Problem Identification and Prioritization, Solution Identification as well as Community and Household Action Planning.

III. Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning

Includes Results Framework and sector specific indicators.

IV. Protection Mainstreaming

Currently there is not specific DRR guidance for Protection Mainstreaming, however please use the link to incorporate Protection Mainstreaming best practices into your project design and implementation.

V. Key Documents

Includes a selection of longer documents that will provide a deeper dive into the subject.