Emergency Field Operations Manual

This resource is meant to assist Emergency First Responders with Basic operational set-up in the initial stages of an emergency.

Immediately upon arrival in the country after a crisis, one should refer to the Emergency Response Operations Set-Up Checklist (EROS). The EROS guides decision makers at country and regional levels to make informed decisions on critical Operations related issues during the first 2 to 3 weeks following a disaster. The checklist questions focus on key actions and considerations to speed up implementation, while maintaining compliance with agency policies and procedures.

Emergency Field Operations Manual (EFOM) Sections:

Office Set-up:  The set-up team, security, equipment, facilities, vehicles, and admin systems

Finance:  How to set up and run an Operating Cash on Hand (OCH) account

Human Resources:  Planning for, recruiting, hiring, orienting and taking care of staff

Procurement:  Processes, forms, and advice for basic purchasing

Warehousing:  Processes, forms, and advice to receive, store, and send goods

All Attachments:  A consolidated list of all the attachments to the sections listed above

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